Faber Sheetmetal specialises in aluminium fabrication and repairs.

Equipment includes two 300 amp OTC HF TIG welders with pulse and remote operation capability. A 300 amp MIG welder is permanently on standby for truck body repairs and heavy duty aluminium welding.

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Other Items

Faber Toolboxes Side Skirts

Side Skirts

Faber Toolbox Chequer Plate Utes

Chequer Plate Utes

Faber Toolbox Chequer Plate Trailers

Chequer Plate Trailers

Faber Toolbox Bull Bars

Bull Bars

Other items regularly produced include bull bars,chequer plate linings for utilities and trailers, aluminium side skirts and steps, tanks and aluminium sign frames.


Repairs can be made to a wide range of aluminium and aluminium alloy products including engine components, tanks, bike frames, saucepans, you name it! Components can be machined and milled.

Faber Toolbox Motor Bike Frames and Tanks

Motor Bike Frames
and Tanks

Faber Toolbox Condensers


Taber Toolbox Engine Housings

Engine Housings

Aluminium Power Poles

Faber Toolboxes Aluminium Power Poles

Faber Toolboxes Aluminium Power Poles