Ray Faber Sheetmetal can undertake specialised repair and manufacture work including:

  • Metal Spray Welding – for difficult repairs on cast metal
  • Shaft build-up – using metal spray deposition and subsequent machining
  • Profile cutting
  • Pipe threading
  • Specialised thread cutting
  • Manufacture of Chassis Rails to order
  • Rolling of RHS and angles up to 50mm sections
  • Louvred panels
  • Precision Turning and Machining

Manufacture of replacement parts for agricultural equipment to match parts no longer commercially available.

Faber Toolbox Metal Spray Welding

Metal Spray Welding

Faber Toolbox Louvred panels

Louvred panels

Faber Toolbox Shaft build-up

Shaft build-up

Faber Toolbox Precision Turning / Machining

Precision Turning / Machining