Our “new” 4wd range is becoming very popular (ok, so by “new” we mean they have been around for 12 months now).

We have added three boxes to our awesome toolbox range and they are worth getting excited about.

First we have the Icehouse. A tidy little box to safely house your 32ltr or 40ltr fridge on the back of your ute.

Next is the Adventurer. This box is perfect to house your 32ltr or 40ltr fridge plus has heaps of space for your tools, fishing gear and camping gear. This box is designed to go right up against your headboard to give you the maximum amount of space on your tray.

Finally the Ultimate is exactly that. It’s the ultimate 4WD box that has enough room for a 60ltr or 80ltr fridge and even more space for all your camping and fishing gear for the ultimate 4WD adventure. Again we have designed this box to sit against your headboard to save you tray space.

Any of these boxes can be built to suit the size of whatever fridge or gear you may have.

Give Gavin a call on 6792 7222 to chat about how we can adapt one of these boxes to suit your needs.